Estonian Consumer Union was established in 1994 and its statutes have been brought in line with the requirements of the Non-profit Associations Act on 22.03.1997. The current version of the Articles of Association of the Union was adopted at the general meeting of ETL on 28 June 2010. and according to these statutes, the Estonian Consumer Protection Union is a voluntary democratic association of legal entities – non-profit associations, the purpose of which is to contribute to the development of consumer policy that promotes consumer interests and ensures consumer protection in the Republic of Estonia.

Estonian Consumer Union
(Eesti Tarbijakaitse Liit) MTÜ
is a member of the:

 ECEuropean Commission
 CI – Consumer International
BEUC – European Consumers’ Organisation
  ANEC – the European consumer voice in standardisatio 

ETL & The European consumer voice in standardisation

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